Nov 05 2018

10 Top Keto Dieting Tips

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Scientific studies now prove that compared to other diets, low carb or keto diets are often more effective for weight loss, and for improving certain health markers. This has been demonstrated in several meta-analyses of all top studies.

1. Be The Host: This is a great way to keep you on track. Keto diet foods can just be yum. So prepare your own food and thus you really don’t have to compromise with your diet plan.

2. Take note of any changes. Keeping a wellness journal is an excellent way to track dietary changes, as well as energy levels, moods, and other changes in your body. When you start out, a single day’s entry may not do much, but as you go along, you discover trends and understand what works and what doesn’t. This is also a valuable resource for healthcare professionals – if you’re working with them on your keto diet.

3. Eat enough fat to feel satisfied. This is the big difference between a keto diet and starvation, that also results in ketosis. A keto diet is sustainable, whereas starvation is not. So eat enough to feel satisfied, and if you’re hungry all the time, you should probably add more fat to your meals (like more butter, more olive oil, etc.). 

4. Plan high fat keto meals and begin eating a super low carb keto diet with 0 to 2% of calories from net carbs. Use the MCT oil or coconut oil in your keto meals and drinks (like Bulletproof coffee).

5. Trying to lose weight with exercise and starting a keto diet at the same time can provide fast results for a “multiplier” effect. However, if you haven’t exercised in more than 6 months, you should wait to start the keto eating plan. Begin an exercise program first so you are adapting to only one physical change at a time. After 2 weeks of working out 3-4 times per week, you should be ready to start the keto diet.

6. If you’re taking medication for diabetes – the keto diet can positively impact diabetics. However, if you’re on medication you may need to lower your insulin dose. This is because the lack of carbohydrates in your diet means you don’t require insulin to lower your blood sugar levels. If you’re thinking of starting the keto diet as a diabetic, its best to talk to your doctor beforehand.

7. Followers of the keto diet tend to develop a sweet, bad breath caused by the breakdown of fatty acids. This side effect is by no means life threatening, just a watch out for social situations.

8. Add bone broth to your diet, which can help restore electrolytes that are lost during ketosis. When you follow a keto diet, even if you’re drinking a lot of water, you will lose a lot of water weight and also flush essential electrolytes out of our system, including magnesium, potassium or sodium. Adding bone broth is a great way to replenish these naturally, in addition to getting other nutrients and amino acids.

9. Hydrate: Make sure you are staying hydrated throughout the day. When you first start the keto diet, your body is transitioning. My first few days, when my body was switching over, I felt like junk (you will too). But my friend advised me to take some magnesium citrate and potassium and drink bone broth (for the sodium). Hydration is an important part, especially as your body transitions from being insulin dependent to ketones.

10. According to most research, women respond more strongly to dietary changes, including to lowering their carb intake. Side effects on the keto diet (a very low carb, high fat diet) can include fatigue and hunger, however combining the keto diet with an alkaline diet can curb these symptoms for most women, and men too.

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