Mar 06 2009

I Took the FRS Free Healthy Energy Drink Offer

Free Healthy Energy Drink Yep all of that stuff in the picture to the left was sent to me for free. There was actually a big can full of a low calorie orange flavored energy drink as well, but I couldn’t wait for the picture and I drank it 😀 (before my workout and it worked WELL.)

The company FRS has a pretty cool offer going where you get to try a few of their best healthy energy products for free. I’m a marketer myself, so it’s very easy to see why they’re doing it. Most people aren’t going to bother canceling, so after 14 days they get charged again and again until they cancel. These products REALLY are excellent, so many will do it voluntarily, which I’m sure is why they’re willing to do it. BUT all you have to do is call (888-377-7587) after you order your free sample to cancel (took me about 1 minute) and you aren’t charged for anything (I did it, so I can confirm it’s legit!)

It’s actually a BUNCH of stuff… much more than I expected! In the free trial you get:

* 14 packets of low calorie Healthy Energy Drink Powder (1 packet equals one drink, so 14 drinks)
* 30 “Soft Chews” … these are little pieces of candy that taste great and give you a boost of energy.
* 10 oz. of Low-Calorie Healthy Energy Concentrate (equals 5 drinks)
* 1 Big can of ready to drink Healthy Energy Drink

Here’s how to get it all for Free:
note: Unfortunately, this is only available to U.S. residents.

1. Go to their site and order the free trial.
2. If you don’t want to pay every month, just call (888-377-7587) and tell them you want to cancel. I did it… it took about 1 minute and was never charged for anything.

That’s it… it’s that simple and it really is legit! I think I paid something like $6 for shipping and that’s it! I did the math and all of the stuff you get equals about $75 if you bought it straight! So for $6 shipping, it’s just crazy!

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Feb 17 2009

The Health Benefits of Raw Eggs

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Aug 19 2008

Could you Pass a U.S. Army Physical Training (PT) Test?

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Jul 25 2008

Nike+ Review – Track your Runs with Nike Plus

I recently came across a very cool product that Nike recently released, called “Nike +”

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Jul 18 2008

Geocaching – A Fun Worldwide Treasure Hunt

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Jul 07 2008

Confidence – If you don’t think you can, you can’t!

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One of the most important things anyone can possess to become successful, not only in business but in life, is confidence!

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Jul 01 2008

How I Quit Smoking “Cold Turkey”

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Jun 27 2008

Gallbladder Flush – Clean your Gallbladder without Surgery

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