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Aug 27 2019

Big Brother 6 – Sam Heuston

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Big Brother 6 – Sam Heuston

Despite being the best looking girl in Big Brother 6, sexy Sam Heuston was voted out third, lasting a total of 22 days and despite describing herself as “the horniest girl you%u2019ve ever met”, bisexual-by-numbers Sam was quite dull in the house and couldn’t even tempt eventual winner Anthony Hutton into some action.

Housemate Sam was a marketing student from Cheam, Surrey and 23-years-old when she entered the Big Brother house. She missed her final exam to participate on the TV show but gained a 2:2 degree anyway.

Sam dreamt of being famous and saw Big Brother as a stepping stone to bigger things. She had a boob job but never told her family and once stripped naked on a podium on holiday in Tenerife in exchange for tickets to an event. Her idol is Christina Aguilera and although she loves both men and women, she relieves herself of boredom by thinking and talking about men.

Before going into Big Brother, Sam believed the housemates would be annoyed at her prettiness. An issue that Sam raised in her continuous slanging match with “Lesleh”.

She may have been pretty but also described herself as “original, funny and fun”. However, there wasn’t much evidence of that during her brief stint in the house.

By the second week of the show, Zoo magazine announced they would offer Sam a job as a sex columnist when she left the house – a role previously occupied by tabloid regular Jodie Marsh.

She lasted just another week when she was put up for eviction alongside Derek and Roberto, receiving 59% of the public and duly being evicted from the Big Brother house.

Sam had escaped being evicted at the second eviction on Friday 10 June (Day 15) when up against all her fellow housemates Anthony, Craig, Derek, Kemal, Lesley, Maxwell, Makosi, Roberto, Saskia, Science and Vanessa. If Big Brother had decided use the normal nomination procedure to choose possible evictees, Sam would have been up against Derek.

This is Sam%u2019s nomination history during her stint in the house:

1st (Day 5) – Sam was nominated by Derek, Kemal, Lesley and Vanessa.

2nd (Day 11) – Sam was nominated by Craig, Derek, Lesley, Makosi, Roberto and Vanessa.

3rd (Day 18) – Sam was nominated by Anthony, Maxwell and Vanessa and was evicted by the public vote.

Since being evicted, Sam has beaten her obligatory battle against depression, had a short fling with Blue lothario Duncan James and dyed her hair blonde.

She has been an almost permanent fixture in the lads mags, been offered TV presenter roles and a sex columnist. She also appeared on an episode of the Italian version of Big Brother as an audience member.

With Big Brother 7 now well underway, Sam will have to come up with a new angle is she is to remain in the spotlight. A second appearance in reality TV, say Celebrity Love Island perhaps?

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Mar 06 2009

I Took the FRS Free Healthy Energy Drink Offer

Free Healthy Energy Drink Yep all of that stuff in the picture to the left was sent to me for free. There was actually a big can full of a low calorie orange flavored energy drink as well, but I couldn’t wait for the picture and I drank it ๐Ÿ˜€ (before my workout and it worked WELL.)

The company FRS has a pretty cool offer going where you get to try a few of their best healthy energy products for free. I’m a marketer myself, so it’s very easy to see why they’re doing it. Most people aren’t going to bother canceling, so after 14 days they get charged again and again until they cancel. These products REALLY are excellent, so many will do it voluntarily, which I’m sure is why they’re willing to do it. BUT all you have to do is call (888-377-7587) after you order your free sample to cancel (took me about 1 minute) and you aren’t charged for anything (I did it, so I can confirm it’s legit!)

It’s actually a BUNCH of stuff… much more than I expected! In the free trial you get:

* 14 packets of low calorie Healthy Energy Drink Powder (1 packet equals one drink, so 14 drinks)
* 30 “Soft Chews” … these are little pieces of candy that taste great and give you a boost of energy.
* 10 oz. of Low-Calorie Healthy Energy Concentrate (equals 5 drinks)
* 1 Big can of ready to drink Healthy Energy Drink

Here’s how to get it all for Free:
note: Unfortunately, this is only available to U.S. residents.

1. Go to their site and order the free trial.
2. If you don’t want to pay every month, just call (888-377-7587) and tell them you want to cancel. I did it… it took about 1 minute and was never charged for anything.

That’s it… it’s that simple and it really is legit! I think I paid something like $6 for shipping and that’s it! I did the math and all of the stuff you get equals about $75 if you bought it straight! So for $6 shipping, it’s just crazy!

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Feb 17 2009

The Health Benefits of Raw Eggs

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These days it seems like “salmonella” and “raw eggs” go hand-in-hand. Any time one word comes up the other shortly follows. While it’s true that salmonella can be a very serious illness and it is possible to contract it from raw eggs, the chances are much slimmer than many believe and the pure proteins and nutrients your body gets from them are very beneficial!

The reason people eat raw eggs (usually people trying to build muscle) is because when heated, an egg’s chemical shape is altered and it loses alot of pure protein and nutrients. In raw form eggs provide some of the purest forms of protein in the World.

This pure protein is much more beneficial to the tissue in the human body, so muscle growth and development is accelerated (all muscle and organs in the human body are basically made from protein.)

For many this isn’t enough for them to risk salmonella, but if you’re a healthy human being salmonella isn’t a serious condition and can easily be treated. Not only that, but the risk is very small in the first place. In 2002 the Department of Agriculture (U.S.) conducted a study which found that only 2.3 million out of 63 Billion eggs that were produced that year were contaminated with salmonella. That sounds like a large number, but when you do the math you’ll see that it comes down to only 0.003%

Eating only the Whites

This is actually one thing I would worry about more than salmonella. If you do like MANY people advise, and only eat the egg white, did you know that there is a VERY good chance that you’ll develop a biotin deficiency?

When an egg is cooked this isn’t an issue, but eating raw egg whites, without the yolk, can cause serious health issues. Fortunately the yolk is rich in biotin, so by eating the egg whole there is no risk of this deficiency. The yolk does have alot of cholesterol, but it’s mainly good cholesterol and there are definitely more positives to eating raw eggs than there are negatives!

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Aug 19 2008

Could you Pass a U.S. Army Physical Training (PT) Test?

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army physical training test I got out of the Army a little over a year ago, from the time of writing. After Claudia and I quit smoking in January of 2008, and sitting on my butt everyday working at home, I gained somewhere around 20lbs.

A few months ago I realized it was time to get back in shape and after 5 years in the Army I went back to what I was doing then… lots of running, push ups and sit ups.

I’ve been making some great progress, but I constantly measure my current fitness level with that 3 or 4 years ago, when I was at my peek physical shape.

At that time I was scoring a 280/300 on average on my PT tests. Now, although I do feel like I’m in decent shape, I wouldn’t come close!

I thought people might think it’s cool to see how they would do on an Army PT test, so I’ve pasted a link below that goes to the official PT Score card. It’s a PDF document. Just scroll down and you’ll see a scale for the 2 mile run, 2 minute of push ups and 2 minutes of sit-ups.

Just go to your age group and gender and look over at what constitutes what as far as points. Add up your points for the push-ups, sit-ups and run and you have your final score. You must get a minimum of 60 points in each event in order to pass the test with the max being 300. (you’ll probably need to zoom in to see them)

Here it is:

(Just ignore “test 2,” “test 3” etc. those are just for future tests.)

For more on Army Physical Fitness Training, see FM 21-20

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Jul 25 2008

Nike+ Review – Track your Runs with Nike Plus

Nike+ ReviewI recently came across a very cool product that Nike recently released, called “Nike +

It’s basically an affordable, very cool way for runners to keep track of the logistics of their runs, during and after running, via either a sports band or an Ipod Nano, which communicates to and from a small chip inside a Nike + compatible shoe.

You can see your distance, time, pace and calories burned and you are able to keep a record, compare stats, set goals and even interact and compete with other runners around the world through a neat online interface (image below,) which you gain access to once you’ve purchased the Nike + system.

Nike+ Review

So far, after a VERY PAINFUL experience in receiving a working Nike + sports band (more about that below) I’ve only been able to use it twice and the first time was for a required “calibration” run, which was only .25 miles.

However, it seems to be pretty accurate and it’s very cool seeing all of these stats.

Overall I think the small amount of money (around $50) I paid for the sports band was worth it.

BUT Nike Really Disappointed me!!

That’s it for the review of the product. Now I’ll give a review of NIKE, as a company!

You’d think a top company like Nike could do some things right, wouldn’t you?

Let me tell you the horrible story of my experience getting my Nike Plus sportsband!

Nike Screw Up #1 – I hear about it online somehow, not sure how. Looks like a neat concept, so I read a bit about it, then I purchase. I didn’t read anything that I needed Nike+ compatible shoes for this thing to work accurately. So there’s Nike screw up #1.

Nike Screw Up #2 – I decide to go ahead and get some Nike + compatible shoes because the alternative (some kind of pouch you put on your shoestrings) is supposed to take 20% off of the accuracy of the system. No big deal… not happy with Nike, but I’m looking forward to receiving my sports band and getting going with it. I get it… it DOESN’T WORK… no big deal, things happen… I send it back.

Nike Screw Up #3 – A week later I FINALLY get an email saying they received the junk band and have send the new band… great. A WEEK AND HALF LATER I still haven’t received it, so I call a Nike + rep. This lady was nice, but she either didn’t have a clue or the system she was working on didn’t have a clue (either way it’s on Nike the Company.) I simply ask if I can track the package and see where it is… very simple right? haaaaah

She says “Sure, we can help you with that.” 10 minutes later (after ok, no problem, just one moment, ok, no problem just a moment, ok no problem just a moment) I ask if she’s making any progress “Yes sir, just waiting on our system, sorry, just one more moment” 10 MORE MINUTES… still nothing… Finally I just say screw it and hung up the damn phone.

Nike Screw Up #4 – The next day I still don’t receive it, so I call Nike once again and speak with someone else. This guy seems to have somewhat of a clue and tells me the reason it’s taking so long is because Nike takes the cheap route and sends exchanges ground, which could take up to 15 days.

Now I’m not Bill Gates, but if you send a customer a JUNK PRODUCT, I believe you should expedite the shipping of the good product right?

Nike Screw Up #5 – I FINALLY get my sports band and it WORKS HAHHH amazzzzzzzzzzing! I read EVERYTHING and watch the introductory video. It says I need find a track or somewhere with a known distance so I can calibrate the band. I don’t know of any place close so I go to a Gym with a track, about 20 minutes away and pay a on-time charge of $12… no big deal.

I do the run and calibrate. Then the Nike+ online interface tells me I now need to do another calibration, except this time I need to walk. AND I have to do it at the same spot as I did the running calibration!

NOWHERE in the “getting started” guide did it mention this, NOWHERE!

So it’s late in the evening and I have to drive another 20 minutes there, pay another $12 to get back into the gym, drive 20 minutes home and FINALLY upload the walking calibration!

I guess Nike doesn’t care as long as they’re getting their money, but they sure are pathetic!

So, to sum everything up, Nike+ is very cool, but NIKE as a whole, as established as it is, needs to work on their customer service.

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Jul 01 2008

How I Quit Smoking “Cold Turkey”

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quit smoking cold turkey On January 12, 2008 with no prior thought, I woke up, walked downstairs and decided I was going to quit smoking after approximately 10 years of a pack or more per day.

I have no idea what provoked this decision, if any, but I told Claudia and we both decided to quit and we did.

I used Commitยฎ lozenges (mints) to help me fight the urge and they actually helped quite a bit, but 6 months later I’m still taking them, although only every once in a while as opposed to a few months ago when I was taking 10 or more per day.

Claudia is stronger… she didn’t use Commit or anything else… she just quit!

Thousands of people have quit smoking in the past, so I don’t think we’re special, but there are thousands more who think they “can’t” stop, so I want to point out a few things that hopefully with help.

1. I was a Sergeant in the U.S. Army… I run my own business… I workout regularly… I could go on. I know a thing or two about self-discipline. If you tell yourself you “can’t” do something you simply won’t do it! The fact is you can do just about anything you want to do, but it’s human nature to doubt yourself, especially when it gets tough.

Most people can quit smoking for a day or two if they REALLY want to, or have to, but most of those same people will cave in after 3 or 4 days because they simply can’t resist the urge… they convince themselves, not even realizing it, that they can’t do it, but they really can!

Go against that and tell yourself you WILL do this, no matter how bad the urge to smoke is, you WON’T smoke another cigarette!

2. Come up with at least 1 powerful reason to quit. This is what you’ll think about when you REALLY want to smoke. Something that triggers emotion is the best (kids) but health should be nearly as important. For Claudia and I it was a combination of our little guy, Aaron and our own health. Money is also a good one, especially if your budget is tight. I know when we quit a carton of Marlboro’s here in Indiana was somewhere around $40.00; that adds up!

3. Replace your smoking routine with something else! This is something I didn’t start doing until several months after quitting, but I think it would have really been helpful back then. The toughest thing for us was forgetting about the “smoke breaks.”

Our smoke breaks were our time to sit outside, relax and talk. Now they’re gone, so it’s tough. It’s important to get your mind off of that and replacing that time with something else is important. For me it’s doing curls with a 25 lbs. barbell. It’s a stress reliever and it’s helping build my muscle at the same time.

Hopefully this will help you quit smoking too, but what it all comes down to is what I stated above (1.) self discipline. You MUST convince yourself that you can do it because if you doubt yourself you’ll never do it!

Good Luck!

Claudia and I feel GREAT after 6 months being smoke free! We go for a run on an almost daily basis and we can actually BREATH deep and feel great! No more coughing, no more money thrown away etc. etc. etc. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Jun 27 2008

Gallbladder Flush – Clean your Gallbladder without Surgery

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gallbladder flush without surgerydisclaimer: I’m not a licensed health care provider. Although I personally believe the following information to be extremely useful, it is strictly for informational use only! I am not responsible for anything that may occur as a result of taking the advice in the following article!

About a year ago I started having a dull pain behind my lower, right rib. I wrote it off as gas for several months, but it eventually became extremely annoying, so I decided to look into it.

I asked my sister, Kelly, who is a Registered Nurse and after explaining all of the symptoms etc. she told me it must be my gallbladder.

So, I went to the VA clinic (I have a health insurance plan for Claudia and Aaon, but I just go through the VA ugh) and went through several tests including:
– blood analysis
– 2 x-rays
– ultra sound
– 2 gastroindoscopies

What did the good ol Veterans Affairs doctors tell me? I have a few “micro” gall stones, but nothing serious. They were kind enough to offer surgery to have the gallbladder removed though lol

The VA is known for having substandard doctors and clinics, so the thought of going under the knife at the local VA hospital honestly scared me, even though it is a very basic procedure. So, instead I decided to do some research on Gallbladder flushes, well Claudia did ๐Ÿ™‚

After looking through several sites, both German and American, the same basic flush kept coming up (below.) All of these sites claimed it was extremely safe and effective in cleansing both the liver and the gallbladder, so I gave it a shot.

After doing the flush I passed HUNDREDS of pea sized gallstones and feel GREAT…it worked!!

Not only is the pain gone, I don’t feel as bloated as I did before after eating… I’m running much better when working out and I just feel better in general!

NONE of the VA doctors even hinted toward a flush like this, yet after doing it, all of the symptoms are gone… pathetic!

Here are a few important notes:

– The flush is supposed to be 100% safe and I tend to believe it! One doctor said it’s “safer than safe.”
– Many people recommend doing this once a year, whether you have gallbladder disease symptoms or not… it’s just good for your digestive track, liver and gallbladder in general! Some even recommend it if you’ve previously had your gallbladder removed, as gallbladder removal normally doesn’t remove all of the stones.
– It typically takes at least 2 flushes, with 2-3 weeks in between, to remove all gallstones, although the first flush will make you feel MUCH better… I know it did for me!
– It’s very important to follow this procedure EXACTLY “to a T.” Every where I found the procedure, it was stressed that the times and procedures were very important… don’t “cut corners” or do your own thing.

The World Famous Gallbladder Flush

What you’ll need:

* 1/2 Cup Olive Oil
* 1 Large GrapeFruit or 3 Lemons
* 4 tablespoon EPSOM salt
* 3 cups water
* 4-8 Ornithin Tablets (optional)

note: You should start with a Friday, Saturday or the day before a day in which you don’t have much going on… you will be having MANY bowel movements the next day and you may be tired, so it’s good to be free of commitment the day after you start the flush!

Don’t take any medications, vitamins, supplements or anything else during the process.

Procedure: Eat a non-fat breakfast and lunch on the day you begin. I ate oatmeal for breakfast and some steamed vegetables and a baked potato, seasoned with salt, for lunch… it was actually pretty good. This causes “bile” to build up and develop pressure in the liver, which will cause more stones to be pushed out later on (very important.) I read stories of people throwing up and feeling like crap when not obeying this first step.

2:00 PM – Don’t eat or drink after 2 P.M. Mix 4 tablespoons Epsom Salt with 3 cups of water and pour it all into a pitcher. This will equal 4 servings (3/4 cup each,) which you’ll be using over the course of the procedure. Put the pitcher in the refrigerator to get it nice and cold (it’s even worse when it’s not cold!) Don’t drink anything yet. I squeezed some lemon juice in with the salt mixture to help with the taste.

6:00 PM – Drink the first serving of the salt water mixture (3/4 cup.) You can drink a couple mouthfuls of water afterwards to get help with the aftertaste. If you REALLY can’t stand the taste, you can skip the next dose of saltwater, but you may not get as many stones… I did both and recommend you do as well.

8:00 PM – Drink your second serving of the salt water mixture (3/4 cup.)

9:45 PM – Mix 1/2 to 3/4 cup freshly squeezed grapefruit (pulp removed) with EXACTLY 1/2 cup olive oil in a shakable container. Shake vigorously until it’s “watery.” If you have anything you need to do before bed, or feel like going to the toilet AT ALL, go now, because once you drink the olove oil mix, you MUST go to bed immediately for the flush to work properly!

10:00 PM – If you typically have trouble sleeping, take 4-8 ornithin tablets to help you sleep. (I’m in the U.S. and the 2 pharmacists I went to had no idea what it was. I eventually had to order it online.) Now drink the olive oil mixture you mixed while still standing up! Try to get it all down within a minute or two. The quicker the better… and IMMEDIATELY after you’ve drank the last sip lay down and try not to move for at least 20 minutes. If you don’t lie down immediately you may not get nearly as many stones out. After 20 minutes remain in bed, but relax and go to sleep. Don’t get up for at least several hours unless you absolutely MUST. (I got up at 4 a.m. and had a bowel movement, passed some stones and went back to bed… woke up later and passed more… everything was fine)

Morning – As soon as you wake up drink the third dose of your salt mixture (not before 6 a.m. – this was the worst one for me… nearly made me puke.) You can go back to bed after this if you want. Two hours later take the last dose of the salt mixture. By this time I had about 5 bowel movements and ended up having about 15 (yeah, it was bad… but so good,) so I didn’t even take the last dose of salt mix. Whether or not you take the last dose should be determined by the amount of bowel movements you have… your call. If you’re not sure then go ahead and drink the last one.

Every bowel movement you have for the rest of the day (for me anyway) will probably contain gall stones. They are typically bright green in color and the size can vary. I had hundreds and hundreds of tiny stones with 40-50 pea sized stones and a few about twice the size of a pea. Their consistency (for me anyway) was really waxy. Not hard, but not soft.

Congratulations, you’ve just flushed your liver, gallbladder and digestive track without surgery.

You should feel MUCH better now ๐Ÿ™‚

2 Weeks Later – Repeat to get the rest of the stones out!

IF THIS DOESN’T WORK, or you just want to try something else, click here for another cleanse that I also highly recommend.

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