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Jul 07 2008

Confidence – If you don’t think you can, you can’t!

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Success comes with Confidence!One of the most important things anyone can possess to become successful, not only in business but in life, is confidence!

“Confidence” is one of those words that’s thrown around all the time. I think most people understand that confidence is a good thing, but I don’t believe many people really understand how important it is to be confident in everything you do.

Does the average person really understand just how important it is?

If you’re not confident in what you do for a living, chances are you don’t make much money.

If you’re not confident in managing your own life, chances are you don’t lead a very happy life!

This could be said about just about anything, yet so many people don’t address the issue and do something about it.

The first step toward success is to analyze your life, not just your job, and acknowledge everything that you lack confidence in. Obviously you then need to figure out why the confidence is not there and work on it.

However, the most important thing is to keep working at it and NEVER quit!

I remember several years ago when I first started my online business. I was excited and told friends, family and colleges (I was in the Army at the time.) Some supported me all the way, but many thought it was a joke.

It took me over a year to make any decent money and over 2 to actually make enough to support my family. But now I do well for my family and love my job… I don’t even consider it a job. All because I decided this is what I want to do and I’m GOING TO DO IT, no matter what! I was confident, not because I was extremely knowledgeable, but because I knew I would eventually find success because I would never give up!

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