Jul 25 2008

Nike+ Review – Track your Runs with Nike Plus

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Nike+ ReviewI recently came across a very cool product that Nike recently released, called “Nike +

It’s basically an affordable, very cool way for runners to keep track of the logistics of their runs, during and after running, via either a sports band or an Ipod Nano, which communicates to and from a small chip inside a Nike + compatible shoe.

You can see your distance, time, pace and calories burned and you are able to keep a record, compare stats, set goals and even interact and compete with other runners around the world through a neat online interface (image below,) which you gain access to once you’ve purchased the Nike + system.

Nike+ Review

So far, after a VERY PAINFUL experience in receiving a working Nike + sports band (more about that below) I’ve only been able to use it twice and the first time was for a required “calibration” run, which was only .25 miles.

However, it seems to be pretty accurate and it’s very cool seeing all of these stats.

Overall I think the small amount of money (around $50) I paid for the sports band was worth it.

BUT Nike Really Disappointed me!!

That’s it for the review of the product. Now I’ll give a review of NIKE, as a company!

You’d think a top company like Nike could do some things right, wouldn’t you?

Let me tell you the horrible story of my experience getting my Nike Plus sportsband!

Nike Screw Up #1 – I hear about it online somehow, not sure how. Looks like a neat concept, so I read a bit about it, then I purchase. I didn’t read anything that I needed Nike+ compatible shoes for this thing to work accurately. So there’s Nike screw up #1.

Nike Screw Up #2 – I decide to go ahead and get some Nike + compatible shoes because the alternative (some kind of pouch you put on your shoestrings) is supposed to take 20% off of the accuracy of the system. No big deal… not happy with Nike, but I’m looking forward to receiving my sports band and getting going with it. I get it… it DOESN’T WORK… no big deal, things happen… I send it back.

Nike Screw Up #3 – A week later I FINALLY get an email saying they received the junk band and have send the new band… great. A WEEK AND HALF LATER I still haven’t received it, so I call a Nike + rep. This lady was nice, but she either didn’t have a clue or the system she was working on didn’t have a clue (either way it’s on Nike the Company.) I simply ask if I can track the package and see where it is… very simple right? haaaaah

She says “Sure, we can help you with that.” 10 minutes later (after ok, no problem, just one moment, ok, no problem just a moment, ok no problem just a moment) I ask if she’s making any progress “Yes sir, just waiting on our system, sorry, just one more moment” 10 MORE MINUTES… still nothing… Finally I just say screw it and hung up the damn phone.

Nike Screw Up #4 – The next day I still don’t receive it, so I call Nike once again and speak with someone else. This guy seems to have somewhat of a clue and tells me the reason it’s taking so long is because Nike takes the cheap route and sends exchanges ground, which could take up to 15 days.

Now I’m not Bill Gates, but if you send a customer a JUNK PRODUCT, I believe you should expedite the shipping of the good product right?

Nike Screw Up #5 – I FINALLY get my sports band and it WORKS HAHHH amazzzzzzzzzzing! I read EVERYTHING and watch the introductory video. It says I need find a track or somewhere with a known distance so I can calibrate the band. I don’t know of any place close so I go to a Gym with a track, about 20 minutes away and pay a on-time charge of $12… no big deal.

I do the run and calibrate. Then the Nike+ online interface tells me I now need to do another calibration, except this time I need to walk. AND I have to do it at the same spot as I did the running calibration!

NOWHERE in the “getting started” guide did it mention this, NOWHERE!

So it’s late in the evening and I have to drive another 20 minutes there, pay another $12 to get back into the gym, drive 20 minutes home and FINALLY upload the walking calibration!

I guess Nike doesn’t care as long as they’re getting their money, but they sure are pathetic!

So, to sum everything up, Nike+ is very cool, but NIKE as a whole, as established as it is, needs to work on their customer service.

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